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  •              American Academy of Pediatrics : information on issues related to                                                       physical and emotional health and development.

  •                          American Academy of Addictions Psychiatry: contains information                                                       on treatment options and educational information on substance                                                         abuse related topics.



  •                            American Psychological Association: information on mental health                                                       related topics.    




  •                    National Institute on Drug Abuse: information for educators,                                                                 parents, kids and teens. Website contains activities and videos that                                                     can be used in classrooms and support parents' efforts to talk to                                                         their children about substance use.  

  •                         NYS Council on Children and Families: contains information on                                                             different state agencies working with different health and                                                                       development issues within NYS.

  •                   Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS):                                                                   contains information on different programs related to smoking,                                                           drinking, gambling, and drug addiction. Website has links to a                                                               provider directory, informational brochures downloads, and                                                                   training information. 

  •                    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration                                                                  (SAMHSA): contains information on various topics related to                                                                   substance use and mental health, with helpful treatment links. 

  • Too Smart to Start                   Too Smart to Start: youth oriented program designed by SAMSHA.                                                        Website contains materials for school implementation.

  • www.        Multimedia website with options for online education,                                                                             documentaries and free downloadable brochures with information                                                     on drugs, their effects and ways to prevent their use.                                                                               The easy to navigate site includes 14 language options.                                                                                                                                   

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